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Shiloh Worship Centre Youth Ministry

Shiloh Worship Centre Youth Ministry has been growing consistently over the last few years and is developing into a dynamic tool, equipping and empowering young Christians. This Ministry encourages young people to develop their natural and spiritual gifts, positioning them to be used in the kingdom but ultimately the world at large. The Youth Ministry reflects the rich spiritual legacy that Shiloh Worship Centre possesses. We aim to merge this legacy with our contemporary outlook, seeing every dimension of a young persons’ life complete; nothing broken and nothing missing.

We meet fortnightly to engage with the word, and allow the presence of God to cultivate our lives. We deal with various issues and topics that are relevant and current among our youth today. Discussions are frequent, allowing the youth to evaluate their own opinions and views within a Biblical context. This not only allows the individual to develop interpersonal skills, but to develop a consistent Christian mind (Romans 12 v 2).

The Bible is the foundation of all teaching and sharing. We believe wholeheartedly that the word of God is the undisputed, unequivocal mind of God, which is God Himself (John 1 v 1-2). We use this as the substance of all bible studies, focusing and understanding the fullness of God’s word. We have a monthly theme which allows us to explore the word in depth, gaining both knowledge and understanding (Proverbs 9 v 10).

Shiloh Worship Centre Youth Ministry believes that the relationship we have with each other will constantly be developed. We esteem highly brotherhood and sisterhood and embrace the fact that God wants to shine in every relationship that we have. Once a month we have youth socials which give the youth a chance to build new friendships and work on old ones. For the remainder of this year and the next, the youth ministry is planning to have more social events, trips and excursions.

The Youth Ministry plays an active role within the main Church. We often assist when we can and are encouraged to share our gifts in corporate worship. We are blessed to be apart of a church that allows us to have youth Sundays. This gives the youth an authentic opportunity to walk in and develop who they are in the body of Christ. The service is completely led by the Youth Ministry and includes drama, music, dance, the word and a variety of creative items.

The Youth Ministry is open to every young person who wishes to develop a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. At Shiloh Worship Centre Youth Ministry, we learn, we grow and we pursue destiny!! (1 John 2 v 13-14).

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