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Music Ministry

Choir, Praise & Worship

The Choir was formed around 1975 with a small group of youths called the Shiloh Flames. It later grew into the Shiloh Youth Choir and then on to a national choir called the Messiahs Heralds. In the very late nineties the Praise & Worship team was formed out of the Choir, being the driving force and vision of Bishop Danny Bennett.

There are currently three Praise & Worship leaders, Pastor Neville Burke, Pastor Dorrett Goodridge and Minister Annett Palmer. Pastor Neville Burke also heads the Music Ministry as Director of Music, the purpose being to worship God in spirit and in truth, thus leading a diverse congregation to glorify God.

We have a directive from God regarding praise. He desires that his people praise Him. Praise is an intimate and personal relationship with God. It is also words or deeds that exalt or honour God especially in song. Consequently Shiloh sees this department as an integral ministry, as it aims to minister the word of God through music and song.

In praise there is thanks, blessing and glory, therefore the worship team (as instruments of praise, conveying God’s love, joy, peace and comfort to the world) aspires to take the people from the outer court to the Holy of Holies where the awesome presence of God dwells, bringing deliverance and healing to His People.

The word worship means worthy or worth, which also signifies the worthiness of God to receive special honour and reverence as He is the Supreme Being. It is from this that true worship will be birthed and developed in every member, so that it becomes the norm and enables us to give of our best to the Master.

Worship requires total devotion, so Shiloh utilises the Music Ministry to create an environment of anointed excellence in praise and worship to The Creator.

Music Ministry | Shiloh Worship Centre

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