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Induction (Follow-Up) Programme

 What is Shiloh Induction Programme (SIP)? (Otherwise known as Follow up)

The Shiloh Induction Programme (SIP) is a central component of integrating new members, new converts, returning members, visitors looking for an assembly, or just curious followers into the Church.

The aim of the induction programme is to support the inception of newly converted members and visitors to:

  • understand the vision of the Church
  • understand the leadership structure and other ministries
  • understand God’s expectation of them
  • get members in right standing with the Word of God which will facilitate a good frame of mind
  • develop themselves in the Word and become active members of the Church


It is good practice to prepare an induction training programme for all new visitors/members. The induction programme has taken into account what someone new to the Church need to know in order to be an effective member. This induction programme is well-organised in order to reduce the risk of newly visitors/members being disorientated and increase the rate at which the new visitors/members can work effectively in the Church.

The first day takes into account familiarisation of the basic information that the visitor/new members would need to know and subsequent programme would increment further information to extend their growth. The induction programmes is scheduled to last eight weeks with a possible two week break and start again. Follow up support is provided through mentoring for those who need it.

An induction programme prepared in advance helps to give the new members a sense that thought and care has been given to their spiritual and social needs.

At the end of the programme, the newly visitor/member will be introduced to a mentor and the Leadership team and would also be encouraged to attend all fellowship / church meetings. It is recommended that each candidate should be encouraged to commit to one of the ministries in the Church. We will also issue a completion certificate on completion of the course.

Induction Programme | Shiloh Worship Centre
Induction Programme | Shiloh Worship Centre

How will the course be organised and delivered?

Modules will be delivered through presentation, discussion and informal talks – handouts will be given out where necessary.

Tea/coffee will be available during or at the end of each session* if necessary.

Who will lead the seminars?

The course is lead by Ministers of Shiloh and is supported by a team of qualified trainers with substantial Christian and life experiences.

Where and When?

At Bensham Grove on Thursdays between 7.45pm -9.00pm for eight weeks

How much will it cost?

There is no charge – Jesus paid it all!